Owning a home is a dream come true for most people. It’s a big investment and definitely worth the money, effort and time. However, no matter how excited you are on moving in, don’t forget to have a home inspection.

A home inspection is necessary so you don’t end up having problems and issues after a few months or even years of living in your new home. It would be difficult for you to raise your complaints and issues a couple of months after you close the deal. To avoid these things from happening, a home inspection is recommended to all potential homebuyers.

Why should I hire a home inspector when I can inspect the home by myself?

People sometimes get carried away by emotions. Instead of deciding based on the general health and value of the home, they tend to take for granted every possible issue because they just love the house. With a home inspector, everything about the home will be thoroughly checked – from its structure down to its design. A home inspector can give you a professional and objective opinion of the property you are about to purchase.

What is covered under the inspection?

Generally, a home inspector will look after the home’s heating and air conditioning system, plumbing systems, roofing, insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, and windows as well as the foundation system of the home including its basement and structural works. In other words, your home inspector will look after the possible flaws of the home you are about to buy.

Does home inspection even apply to newly constructed houses?Definitely – a newly constructed home doesn’t mean it is ready for occupancy without the risk of experiencing any troubles and problems in the near future. A close home inspection will confirm the real condition of the property even if it’s new.

How much is the cost of a home inspection?

Home inspection payments will be shouldered by the homebuyer, not by the seller. After all, it is you who will benefit from it. It is important to shop around for home inspectors to get the best deal. Usually, the cost of a home inspection is dependent on some factors such as house location, size, and age. A typical home below 2000 square feet will cost around $500.

What if there are problems found during the home inspection?

There are potential problems that you may encounter and if it happens, you may want to negotiate before you purchase the house. If the seller doesn’t want to negotiate, you can either terminate the contract or purchase it but you may shoulder the repair cost from your own pocket.

A home inspection is important so you don’t want to end up paying for unexpected out of the pocket expenses such as repair cost. Get one today before you proceed with the buying process.